Ever since I was a girl, I’ve loved learning about all the different things in our world. 

There’s always been this sense of wonder and amazement when it comes to checking out the different people and places, creatures and cuisine all over the world.

As a homeschooling momma of 5, one of the things I really wanted to share with my kids is this wonder, this excitement, this amazement at the beauty, the incredibleness, and the diversity of the world we live in.

But I had a problem: How was I going to do it?

Standing in front of a map tacked onto the wall and pointing at random places and countries wasn’t going to do the trick...

Spinning the globe and breathing all the dust flying off it while we talked about how the world was actually much bigger then the globe wasn’t going to work…

I needed to find something different. I needed to find something that would be hands-on. Something that would be fun. Something that would give facts and figures, but would also create a sense of wonder.

So I started searching. I looked for a curriculum that would combine the facts and figures, the wonder and amazement, the monuments and museums, the cuisine and culture to take us on an adventure exploring and learning about our world.

And you know what? It didn’t exist! 

I tried a bunch of off-the-shelf curriculums, but they were all missing something. They didn’t give all the information or they were too dry, dusty, stale, and boring. They were unreliable. They took our amazing world and made it boring as dirt! It was all about facts with no fun included.

So I decided to do something crazy…

I decided to create my own! 

I took the facts and figures and matched them with a game or with another activity. I figured out the crafts you could do (and my kids even helped me test them out to make sure they were good!). I tracked down some tasty recipes to engage your taste buds. 

And I put it all together in a way that engages not only your mind, but your hands, your taste buds and in some activities even your feet!.

You know what the best thing is? My kids can’t wait to see what’s coming next as we talk about all these different areas of the world.

And now it’s all here for you so you can bring global learning to life through easy recipes, crafts, games, and hands-on activities that you don’t have to create. All you have to do is open it up and have fun!