What age is this Summer Trip for?

Adventures Around the World is geared towards older elementary students (3rd-5th grade), but written for families to enjoy together. Your older elementary students will be able to do more of the activities with little to no help (although, you might want to stick around for the cooking part!) If you have younger children, you’ll need to help them through more of the activities, but they’ll still be able to enjoy and experience the adventure with everyone.


How much screen time is involved?

Each country in the Summer Trip comes with 2 videos to be watched online. The introductory video and the Family Trivia Game video are 5-10 minutes long each. These are the only videos or screen time that are consistently included with each country.


Some countries may have a recommended YouTube video for you to watch, but not every country will have this. On average, these videos are 3 minutes long.


When does the fun start?

The fun starts now! You can “book” your Summer Trip starting right now and make sure to reserve your spot. Once you do, come and join me in the Facebook group where we’ll hang out before the adventure takes off.


On June 7th, things get exciting! This is the day we travel to our first country together! (Since this is a summer adventure, we wanted to make sure it was truly summer before we took off!) You’ll receive an email with all the travel details for visiting this country Monday morning, June 7th. For the next 6 weeks, you’ll get an email each Monday with all your travel details for the next country.


What if I purchase after June 7?

Don’t worry! You can still join in on the adventure! If you “book” your Summer Trip on or after June 7th, you’ll get an email that same day with all the travel details for visiting your first country.


But don’t delay! Since this is ‘Summer Trip 2021,’ everyone needs to travel in the summer…and in 2021! So, the cart will close on July 20, 2021.


After you “book” your adventure, for the next 6 weeks, you’ll get an email with all your travel details for the next country. The one slight difference? Your email might not show up on Monday. If you sign up on Wednesday, your emails will arrive on Wednesdays. (Same for the other days of the week, but you understand what I’m saying!)


How much time do I need to dedicate each week to this Summer Trip?

On average, this adventure should take you about 2-3 hours for each country each week. Now, if your children really love one of the games and play it for hours, that timing could change! But for my planning friends, 2-3 hours should allow you to get through all the activities without rushing.


Now, remember your included Travel Guide Book will help you see all the different activities you’ll be doing for each country. On top of that, you can enjoy your entire adventure in 1 day or space it out over many days. You’re in control of what activities happen when.


Is this Summer Trip REALLY comprehensive?

Yes! All the information you need to explore each country is included in the digital download packet. No additional books or information is required to enjoy your summer adventure.


What additional materials will I need?

Using a globe or a world map is highly recommended while taking your Adventure Around the World. If you don’t have a physical globe or map handy, you can always look one up online.


Each country packet includes an assortment of crafts, recipes, and games specific to that country. We found it wan’t possible to include the markers and yarn, the flour and rice in the digital download! However, you will find a complete list of all the materials and ingredients you’ll need, full instructions, and any templates you’ll need included in your packet.


What’s included in the packet?

Each country packet is a downloadable PDF averaging 20 pages long. Packed full of facts and information that covers everything from capital cities to interesting and little known fun facts, this packet will help you explore each new place. Travel through the country with the included map while you check out fun geographical places as well as museums and monuments. Read a snippet of the history of each country, take a look at the people who live there, and check out some of the unique animals that call this corner of the world their home.


On top of that, each country includes a collection of crafts, games, recipes, and activities chosen with purpose to help you discover and experience your travel adventure in each particular country.